FAQ - 2 Pairs Each

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What sort of socks do you want?

Homeless people need clean socks so brand new socks please. They are humans so just as you wouldn’t give your old socks to a neighbour, you don’t give your used socks to homeless people. Also wool, cotton or bamboo blend are the warmest and last longer and stay up on their legs. Socks for babies, children and diabetics are also in demand as most of the socks we are given are for adult men.

  How can I get the socks to you?

Currently we have collection boxes at: - 43 Colstan Court, Mount Eliza
Or you can post them to me at: Josh Berry 43 Colstan Court, Mount Eliza, Victoria, 3930 Australia  

Where do you distribute the socks?

So far, we have distributed socks personally to the homeless in St. Kilda, Dandenong, the city and Frankston. We go to where Food Vans give out meals and help with the meals and then give the homeless a pair of socks. We have also given them out at community based meals put on weekly for the homeless. Organisations that we supply with socks to give out to their homeless clients include Youth Projects, Whitelion / Open Family Australia, RDNS Homeless Person’s nurses throughout Melbourne, Peninsula Christian Care, and Blessing Bags.

  How can I get money for socks to you?

You can use the donation button on the website to send money by PayPal or you can contact mum on the email 2pairseach@gmail.com and ask for the bank account details and send it that way.

  What do you do with the money I send?

Every cent that is donated to us for the socks, we use to buy the socks. We are looking at places we can get warm socks cheaply or on special so that we use the money wisely. If you have any contacts in the sock industry and can arrange for us to get socks for free or at a massively reduced price, can you please contact us. Thank you.

  What else do you collect?

Along with one pair of socks, homeless people usually only have one pair of underwear. Thus, the two most frequently requested items are socks and underwear. Even though socks are our main priority, we are also collecting underwear. Women sizes 10-12 up to 16-18, and mens sizes Medium and Large are the most wanted. Thank you.

  What else do you do?

We are partnering with a U.S. based organisation called Warm Winters (warm-winters.org). They have collected lost property from ski resorts and in the last 4 years have collected and donated over 10,000 items of clothing to the homeless through this method. They are helping me to do this too here in Australia. In 2015, we partnered with Mt. Buller Ski Resort. So far, I have collected 2,751 items of warm clothing and distributed to the homeless. The M.C.G. in Melbourne are also helping with donating their lost property. If you have any contacts at ski resorts, please can you help me? Thank you.