2 Pairs Each - 2 Pairs Each

54 pairs Josh

24,562 pairs of socks collected since July 2015

(+3,008 winter woollies – warm clothes, sleeping bags, undies etc)!!

What we do…

We are collecting 50,000 pairs of socks so that we can give 2 pairs of socks each to every one of the 23,000 homeless people in Victoria.

Imagine if you were homeless and carried everything on your back, everywhere you went. Imagine if you had only one pair of socks. Imagine if you wanted to wash your clothes. While you are washing and drying your clothes, if you have somewhere cheap that you can do that, you don’t have another pair of socks to put on so your feet get cold.

Homeless people say that one of the things they most need are clean, warm socks. People give blankets and jackets, usually when they no longer fit them or get another jacket, but you never give away your holey socks.

Please can you help me achieve my goal and also help homeless people keep warm and have clean healthy feet?